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Jul 8, 2011 10:00am PDT
, big news for wal-mart, not wal-mart big but big. and then animals respond to advertising. you know what they say? leg humping sells. [laughter] and my guest alexandra pelosi made a documentary about immigrants becoming u.s. citizens. i'm going to watch it backwards and make them all leave the country. [laughter] the pope wrote his first tweet today. he is truly the vessel through which god wastes time. [laughter] this is "the colbert report." ["the colbert repor captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( applause ) [cheers and applause] >> stephen: thank you very much. very kind. [cheers and applause] welcome to the report, everybody. thank you for joining us. [cheers and applause] thank you so much. [cheers and applause] thank you, very kind. nation -- [cheers and applause] i don't know actually -- thank you, please, please. please -- i have to -- i don't honestly know why i fight you. i like it more than talking. nation, as an american, i demand choice! whether it's 23 flavors of pringles or eight republican presidential candidates. i demand nine. let's find
Comedy Central
Jul 8, 2011 7:25pm PDT
is from waterloo but that's sem mantics. bachmann said she misspoke. that's a big mistake. no retreat, nor is rounder. -- surrender. it's day one. don't show weakness. what on earth are you apologizing for. all you said is you have the same spirit as john wayne gacy and there's something to that because like gacy people might think you are a clown but if they dig a little deeper they'll find you are deadly serious. come on, you are a republican. you don't stumble on facts. you double down. in the only doll you have the spirit of john wayne gacy, you've got the eyes of a young charles manson. [cheers and applause] nation, class action lawsuits are so destructive to our country. they crippled our nation's once thriving asbestos industry. now those pour asbestos ranchers are out of work. and they needed those jobs they have a lot of medical bills to pay. there's a new go liage under assault from a gang of blood thirsty davids and it brings us to tonight's word: too big to nail. wal-mart faces a class action lawsuit from 1.5 million female employees alleging years of gender discrimination. ac
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)